Landscape is the result of the interaction between antropic acitvities and natural environment, whose ancestral relation was characterized by a growing impact of socio-economic and technological progress on natural native landscape, as well as by an esponential grown of population in the last century.

Landscape concept is so introduced highlighting how the shape and the aspect of landscape can’t be separated by nature and man interaction.

Landscape can also be interpreted by an ecological perspective that has as key concepts ecosystem and ecosystem services, whose functonality is the base of sustainability.

In particular way the european ecosystem health state analysis provided by European Environment Agency permit us to identify the cause factors of environment and ladscape deterioration and to start up compensatory and regenerating actions towards an increasing ecosystem naturalness.

Wild herbs are wild plants that are not cultivated and are not cultivated plants. They grow in the human environment and are often identified as weeds. Unfortunately, this designation is wrongly negative. So the naming as wild herbs is better to judge. Today, the wild herbs are experiencing a renaissance again. Many people care more about the wild herbs and keep the cultural heritage high. Especially in the kitchen and as proven remedies the wild herbs find more use again.

In the following online course, the learners will gain insights into the world of wild herbs as well as basic knowledge. Offered recipes for tasty herb dishes, for tinctures and other light applications should facilitate the handling of wild herbs and encourage them to integrate into everyday life.

In the following summary we are presenting the rules of organic livestock production on the base of EU laws:

  • Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 of 28 June 2007 – on organic production and labelling of organic products;
  • Comission Regulation (EC) No 889/2008 of 5 September 2008 – laying down detailed rules for the implementation of Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 on organic production and labelling of organic products with regard to organic production, labelling and control

The summery does not substitute for the above mentioned rules and laws as it does not mention all the essential points of the orders.